January 19, 2016

Lifetime Members

Life membership is awarded to members who have served the Club exceptionally in the course of their membership, and are elected at the Annual General Meeting

R.T. Black *

L.T. McQuillan *

F.C.L. Derrick *

Mrs E. Summerson *

R.J. Weigthman *

Mrs L. McQuillan *

J. Lindley *

F.N. Pringle

G.H. Cole *

G.R. Thompson *

W.A. Hubner *

L. Geyer *

E.D. Summerson *

Mr J. Bowler

Miss E. Weston *

Mrs J. Hunt

P.M. Hosken *

Mrs B. Ferguson

Mrs E. Hosken

Mrs B. Wilde

G.A. Johnson *

G Cave

E Down

K Kropp

K Stone

P McKinnon

M Cooper


* deceased